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Patagonia Planing Roll-Top Pack - 35L


In these dog days of summer, finding the perfect swimming hole, ice-cold creek, or secluded beach can turn a hike from memorable to magical. For those water-hunting adventures, carrying a pack you don’t have to worry about dropping in the drink is a smart idea.The 35-liter Planing Roll Top Pack is waterproof and rolls down like a dry bag; it also has a large and burly external mesh pocket that can hold wet clothes for the trek back to the car. An internal zippered pocket is also handy for keeping small items organized

The North Face Recon


Amazing lightweight backpack for 1-day hikes. Took a couple of mountains with it this month, so it survived snow, light rain, and many blows with pine branches. Can fit a bottle of water, poles, rainjacket and dinner inside. And it still small outside but has a lot of space inside

8 months ago

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