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About usWhy we built Baqpa

We’ve built a service that collects backpack reviews from all over the web, filters and aggregates them, and presents the summarized results in a short and understandable form.

When commuting and traveling, choosing the right backpack is crucial. When looking for a new backpack, people spend countless hours doing product research by reading many reviews from different sources.

The biggest pain points are:

  • Paid promotion (sponsorships / ads)
  • It takes time
  • Fake reviews
  • Inconsistent metrics and info across sites

We started asking ourselves, why isn’t there a service that makes product research less complicated, more transparent, and less time-consuming? That’s why we launched Baqpa to help you find the best backpack.

If this is you, you'll love Baqpa

How it works

We are building technology that collects and analyzes massive amounts of reviews from sites like Amazon, Reddit, YouTube, and independent review sites to help people gain confidence with their purchasing decisions.

Our process:

  • Collect reviews from any public source, including marketplaces, manufacturers, niche sites, and social media
  • Analyze reviews for quality, keywords, sentiment, and fake detection.
  • Use the latest NLP technologies like GPT-3 and BERT to deliver summaries, answer questions, and give recommendations
  • By understanding what the internet thinks of products, we help consumers to find the right product for them.

What's next

We're constantly improving baqpa and will soon add new amazing features like:

  • Building a community for backpack enthusiasts where you can ask questions or discuss features
  • Running statistical analysis to spot discrepancies and contradictions among reviews and filter out fake reviews
  • More filters like availability, airline compatibility, warranty, and gender
  • Tracking different versions (i.e., volumes, colors)

Let us know what you think! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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